Project Engineer 2 Years Experience required immediately @ Vapi

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Roles and Responsibility
1. Responsible for Design, Development, installation and commissioning of Chemical Process plant e.g. : Pilot plant,Distillation units, Fractional Distillation Unit, Liquid-Liquid Extraction unit, Mixer-Settler Extraction Unit, Glass Reactors – Mixing Vessel, Solvent Recovery & Gas Absorption System, HCL Gas Generation Plant, Solvent Recovery Plant – Recovery/Extraction From Herbs, Essential Oils and Flowers
2. Handling Customer from Project start, execution, installation, commissioning and handover to customer.
3. Interacting, discussing and guiding, Manufacturing/production team on project basis.
4. Develop innovative ways to achieve accuracy and quality in the product to deliver.
5. Observe and provide input from improvement and development of product.
6. Attend maintenance call from the customer and provide them best solution.
7. Role involves visits to sites, customers.
8. Functional Skills: Good Communication Skills, Convincing & Coordinating capabilities with strong urge to deliver.
9. Computer Tools : Autocad Or Solid Works required.
10. Computer skills – Microsoft Office 2013 making presentations, reports and analysis, Microsoft Visio 2013.

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Plot No. 198/2/A, Phase-II, G.I.D.C., Vapi – 396 195 Dist-Valsad (Guj.) India Tel. No.:+91 260- 2423219

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